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Dream Beams – Chris The Cocoon – Glow in the Dark – 7.5″

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Chris the Cocoon is not out of his shell yet, but don’t let his shape fool you, he is moving all day long without stopping. He wants to be a gymnast, and participate in the Olympics someday.

Ready, steady, cuddle! Dream Beams are the cutest, cuddliest stuffed animals that children could ever wish for. The lovable characters take children‘s hearts by storm:

  • Dream Beams are unique: the fun characters feature Glow-in-the-Dark decorative elements that glow brightly when it gets dark
  • The “Dream Beams” are made of super soft, pleasantly elastic and fast-drying polyester fibers
  • Dream Beams have a calming effect and are cuddly, snuggly companions on the sofa, at bedtime or when traveling. Now no child has to feel alone
  • Simply hand wash in cold to lukewarm water or clean with a damp cloth and air dry
  • Size: 18 cm
  • Age: 0+