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Dream Beams – Roman The Raccoon – Glow in the Dark – 7.5″

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Roman the Raccoon is a little ninja fanatic. You will always find him jumping and playing on the roof of the castle or hiding from others to give them a good scare!

Ready, steady, cuddle! Dream Beams are the cutest, cuddliest stuffed animals that children could ever wish for. The lovable characters take children‘s hearts by storm:
  • Dream Beams are unique: the fun characters feature Glow-in-the-Dark decorative elements that glow brightly when it gets dark
  • The “Dream Beams” are made of super soft, pleasantly elastic and fast-drying polyester fibers
  • Dream Beams have a calming effect and are cuddly, snuggly companions on the sofa, at bedtime or when traveling. Now no child has to feel alone
  • Simply hand wash in cold to lukewarm water or clean with a damp cloth and air dry
  • Size: 18 cm
  • Age: 0+